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This section provides a selection of resources provided by experts in orthopedics.
A 71-year-old male, who underwent a right Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA) 12 years ago and a left THA 5 years ago for hip osteoarthritis, recently experienced a fall while walking.
Management of a peri prostetic femoral fracture
Nicolas Reina
Wolf Petersen from Berlin, Germany, shares his insights on the ESSKA pre-course 2024, highlighting the participation of highly skilled individuals and stimulating discussions.
Innovative ACL reconstruction techniques: Interview with Wolf Petersen
Wolf Petersen
In this interview, orthopedic specialist Kristoff Corten discusses the importance of building a relationship of trust with patients and creating personalized care plans.
Building trust and personalized care in #orthopedics: Interview with Kristoff Corten
Kristoff Corten

Join Professor Lustig and his team at Hospital de la Croix Rousse in Lyon as they demonstrate how to perform a TKA using robotic technology on a 65-year-old male, following the principles of functional alignment.

How to perform a Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) with robotic assistance
Sébastien Lustig

Watch this technical video presented by Sebastien Lustig from Lyon, France, detailing each step of the robotic-assisted installation of a medial unicompartmental knee prosthesis in an 82-year-old patient with a history of previous tibial trauma.

Functional positioning of a medial unicompartmental knee arthroplasty (UKA) with robotics
Sébastien Lustig
Benoit Benoit from Montreal, Canada, discusses the PCO 2024 pre-course, which focused on non-surgical topics such as hospital administration.
« It will take decades for all orthopedic surgeons to use robotic surgery » Benoit Benoit
Benoit Benoit
Used for 40 years in France, dual mobility cups have taken on a major role in the management of unstable total hip arthroplasties and those at risk of instability...
SFHG @ PCO: Crossfire DM vs Modular DM
Bertrand Boyer, Sébastien Lustig, Pascal Kouyoumdjian, Nicolas Reina
A precursor of the anterior approach, Frédéric Laude influenced the development of subspecialisation in orthopaedics. From conservative surgery to prosthesis revision, understanding the coxofemoral joint is a key to a cross-disciplinary vision of modern hip surgery.
Virtual fellowship with Frédéric Laude: From conservative to recon
Nicolas Bonin, Kristoff Corten, Frédéric Laude, Nicolas Reina
Robotics is certainly an evolution in orthopedics. How has Sebastien Lustig integrated this practice into the activities of his university hospital department?
Virtual fellowship with Sébastien Lustig: Robotics in surgery
Etienne Cavaignac, Sébastien Lustig, Simon Marmor, Matthieu Ollivier, Sébastien Parratte, Charles Rivière
PCO 2024 Closing ceremony
Etienne Cavaignac, Nicolas Reina