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Prof. Etienne Cavaignac
CHU, Toulouse, France
Chairman & Course Director
Prof. Nicolas Reina
CHU, Toulouse, France
Chairman & Course Director

Dear Colleagues, dear Friends, dear Industry Partners,

We are proud to present The Practical Course Orthopedics, designed to provide all orthopedic healthcare professionals with support for refining their daily practice and patient pathways.

Why this new initiative?

Today, education in Orthopedics is primarily composed of technical training. However, we strongly believe that the surgical gesture itself is only part of a patient’s management, and should not be the sole educative component.

Our goal is therefore to put the patient back at the core, because we are not only technicians, we are surgeons! Surgeons who have a strong impact on the lifetime journey of the patients we treat.

Indeed, being a good technician is not enough to be a good surgeon. We are convinced it is essential to have a complete, wider vision of the care and organization needed to optimize our daily practice….