Unveiling innovation in orthopedics: A third day of learning and exchange at PCO 2024

Maxime Testory summarizes the third day of the PCO 2024 conference, focusing on the intersection of entrepreneurship and data in orthopedics, the mastery of the anterior hip approach, and live clinical exams with knee and hip experts.

Entrepreneurship: The role of data-driven medicine

PCO 2024 Day 3I started the day by attending an original session on entrepreneurship in orthopedics, which is an aspect rarely discussed at congresses. These discussions raise awareness of the importance of involving the medical profession in the collection and use of medical data, especially with the rise of AI.

Mastering the anterior approach: Virtual fellowship

After a little break, I continued the morning with a new session of virtual fellowship with Frédéric Laude, a master of hip surgery and pioneer of the anterior approach.

He demonstrated that the anterior approach could also be used for hip revision surgery.

The debates during this session, led by Nicolas Reina, were very interesting, with a wide range of subjects, from discussions on the hip approach to robotics in hip surgery.

Live clinical cases in knee and hip surgery

PCO 2024: Day 3After this session, I attended one of  my favourite sessions, live clinical cases. The first was on the knee, with 3 interesting clinical cases.

The panel of experts, Bertrand Sonnery-Cottet, Matthieu Ollivier, Nicolas Bouguennec was led by  Etienne Cavaignac and Vincent Marot, followed by a hip session with Nicolas Bonin, Frédéric Laude, Kristoff Corten and Nicolas Reina.

This session format is highly instructive, allowing us to see how an experienced surgeon conducts a consultation with a real patient.

Let's meet again next year!




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