PCO 2024 Day 2: Engaging lectures, cutting-edge innovations, and collaborative learning

Nicolas Vari shares insights from PCO 2024, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and innovation in the field of surgery.

A stimulating start: Networking and knowledge sharing

PCO 2024:  Day 1As I was at the Cadaver Lab on the first day, I began with a tour of the conference area, with several stands for different labs and a coffee with colleagues.

The first part of the lectures was very interesting, in particular Sébastien Parratte's talk on the importance of the mental aspect of our profession and the comparison with the coaching that is provided for top-level athletes.

Innovation in focus: Virtual fellowships and robotic techniques

Then came the visualisation of Sébastien Lustig's virtual fellowship, which was very instructive and inspiring in terms of new robotic techniques.

Finally, we had the opportunity to see real patients examined live by different surgeons of national and international renown, who did not know the diagnosis and the case in advance.

Collaboration and efficiency: Key takeaways from the afternoon sessions

PCO 2024: Day 1This was followed by a well-deserved lunch break, during which we were able to chat with our colleagues present for the occasion and find out about each other's practices.

The afternoon followed the same format, with workshops in one room and lectures in the other.

I preferred to continue attending the lectures, and in particular a new virtual fellowship with Kristoff Corten where we were able to see the importance of organisation and teamwork as a guarantee of efficiency in our profession.

Finally, it was a pleasure to attend Nicolas Reina's presentation on custom-made hip implants, as this is a subject that interests me and on which we are currently working together.




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