PCO 2024 Pre-course: Pioneering perspectives in medical leadership, networking, and patient care

Explore the highlights of the PCO pre-course conference, featuring expert insights on innovative medical leadership, professional networking, and patient care strategies.

Leading the charge in hospital management

Loïc Lagarde

The day began with Hospital Leadership - How to build a constructive alliance?

Loïc Lagarde, a multi-skilled engineer who is now CEO of Clinique Pasteur, began the afternoon by explaining the administrative side of running a healthcare facility, and how the Clinique Pasteur group has succeeded in including practitioners in decision-making. This was followed by a debate with the guests, efficiently supervised by Stefano Bini. For the surgeon, more training on leadership and HR; for the administration, understanding what the needs are. The key point was communication.

Harnessing the power of social networks and e-reputation

In the afternoon, we discussed the importance of social networks and our E-reputation. To stand out from other surgeons, we need to "occupy the field", says Pierre Laboudie from Bordeaux.

After restaurants, surgeons are still the second most popular source of opinions on the Internet, which is why social networks and LinkedIn are so important. The meeting was fairly unanimous on the use of the latter, but not necessarily of the other networks, which some believe can even be harmful (Facebook, Instagram). So we need to remain vigilant about their use, and people like physiotherapists remain the key to networking.

Pierre Laboudie's last word was that the social networking boat is moving forward, and we need to get on board.

Revolutionizing patient care and consultation strategies

PCO 2024 Pre-course

The final session of the day was led by Kristoff Corten and Sebastien Parratte, and focused on their approach to patient care and consultation.

Different visions emerged, possibly due to the different origins of the patients: 

  • Dr Corten tries to predict the benefit of surgery in advance, using a tool and a team centred around the hip coach.
  • Dr Parratte gives us 10 tips to improve efficiency with patients, such as being organized, honest and authentic, taking time to examine patients and not just looking at images, or giving them only 45 seconds to speak, and then being the leader of the consultation.

The last word of the day went to Dr Corten, who emphasized the benefits of help, teamwork and “doing more with less and doing it better".



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