Cases and resources in orthopedics

This section provides a selection of resources provided by experts in orthopedics.
Follow the making of a custom acetabular component, from the patient X-ray to the surgery. In this webinar, leading experts share invaluable insights and groundbreaking techniques!
Custom implants for acetabular reconstruction
Nicolas Reina, James Donaldson, Marco Schiraldi
Watch this webinar to gain a comprehensive understanding of the state-of-the-art techniques to deal with the gap resulting from open-wedge high-tibial osteotomy.
High tibial osteotomy, how to deal with the gap?
Etienne Cavaignac, Steven Claes, Kristian Kley, Matthieu Ollivier
Watch this webinar to gain a deeper understanding of the latest developments in the field of bone reconstruction and how they can be applied to your practice.
How new technologies could help solving complex reconstruction cases with major bone loss
Nicolas Reina, Jonathan Stevenson, Francesco Traina, Duncan Whitwell
Want to deepen your knowledge about ACL Revision and get tips and tricks for your practice? Watch this webinar replay!
ACL revision, state of the art 2023
Etienne Cavaignac, Philipp Niemeyer, Charles Pioger