Cases and resources in orthopedics

This section provides a selection of resources provided by experts in orthopedics.
This session from the PCO Course 2023 contains the following interventions: Hip micro instability: Clinics and treatment, Extra-articular hip impingement, PAO is only for experts, My algorithm for young active patients with OA, Mosaicplasty for limited cartilage lesions
Conservative treatment
Vikas Khanduja, Oliver Marin-Peña, Manuel Ribas Fernandez, Xavier Flecher, Olivier May
Watch this webinar to gain a deeper understanding of the latest developments in the field of bone reconstruction and how they can be applied to your practice.
How new technologies could help solving complex reconstruction cases with major bone loss
Nicolas Reina, Jonathan Stevenson, Francesco Traina, Duncan Whitwell
Dive into this case of a 30-year-old female from Guinea who suffers from massive osteoporosis and chronic groin infection. She has been completely bent over in half for the last 10 years.
Bilateral girdlestone procedure
Nicolas Reina

Discover step by step the minimally invasive posterior approach for hip replacement, which is muscle-sparing and limits the risk of dislocation.

Minimally invasive posterior total hip replacement
Nicolas Reina
A 24-year-old female patient presents with hip pain. Pre-op X-rays reveal total lysis of the shelf: What causes the patient's symptoms and how would you manage this condition? The goals of this clinical case are to discuss the different indications and therapeutic options for a hip dysplasia in a young patient, as well as possible complications.
Hip dysplasia in a young woman: How should I treat?
Nicolas Reina
This case discusses the causes of a hip pain, the different therapeutic options, and exposes the posterior mini-invasive approach.
Management of hip pain in a 68 year-old woman
Vincent Marot, Nicolas Reina