Cases and resources in orthopedics

This section provides a selection of resources provided by experts in orthopedics.

Pascal-André Vendittoli (Montréal, Canada) highlights the significant progress made in recent years in recognizing the unique characteristics of each individual.

P-A Vendittoli
Pascal-André Vendittoli

The PCO tour 2023 / Virtual fellowship - In this session focused on technical aspects, Bertrand Sonnery Cottet introduces his established protocol, highlighting key landmarks and graft harvesting techniques.

Bertrand Sonnery Cottet
Bertrand Sonnery Cottet
This session from the PCO Course 2023 contains the following interventions: Brain and ACL surgery, Brain contusion: what to do when faced with it, High performance experience
No brain, no gain
Bertrand Sonnery Cottet, David Brauge, Thomas Castaignède

Join B. Sonnery Cottet and M. Hantes as they examine two live patient cases, sharing their insights and expertise right before your eyes!

Live clinics - ACL
Bertrand Sonnery Cottet, Philipp Niemeyer, Michael Hantes

The PCO tour 2023 / Virtual fellowship - Peter Verdonk is a renowned knee surgeon leading an institute in Antwerp, Belgium. In this video he shares his inspiring journey, mentors, and dedication to knee surgery.

The PCO tour / Virtual fellowship: follow Peter Verdonk
Peter Verdonk
Want to deepen your knowledge about ACL Revision and get tips and tricks for your practice? Watch this webinar replay!
ACL revision, state of the art 2023
Etienne Cavaignac, Philipp Niemeyer, Charles Pioger
What are the different therapeutic options in case of fracture in a massive reconstruction knee prosthesis? Discover this new case involving a 69-year-old male presented by Thibaut Lucena and Kenza Limam, and put your knowledge on endoprosthetic knee replacement to the test!
Metaphyseal break of a custom-made massive knee prosthesis
Thibaut Lucena , Kenza Limam

Follow Louis Dagneaux and his team on a revision knee arthroplasty in a patient with segmental metaphyseal tibial bone loss. See how bone allograft is a good option to treat these cases.

Combining allograft and tantalum cone to manage segmental metaphyseal tibial bone loss in revision TKA
Louis Dagneaux

A 43-year-old woman with a history of lower limb fractures treated by casts 19 years ago, presents with knee pain. Discuss with Simone Perelli the causes of knee arthritis and the different therapeutic options.

Post-traumatic knee pain: How to treat double varus deformity?
Simone Perelli
In this video, Prof Etienne Cavaignac and team describe their surgical technique for primary knee arthroplasties...
Uncemented total knee arthroplasty
Etienne Cavaignac