Cases and resources in orthopedics

This section provides a selection of resources provided by experts in orthopedics.
The goals of this clinical case are to discuss the different therapeutic options in case of vicious callus of the proximal tibia, to discuss the physical examination of an unstable knee, and to propose an innovative technique.
Management of a knee instability after ski trauma in a young woman​
Vincent Marot

Régis Pailhé shares his experience attending the first edition of the PCO course, with a special emphasis on the virtual fellowship that offers a unique opportunity to learn from diverse experts hailing from various countries.

« It’s exciting to discover how to manage TK replacement in different countries » Régis Pailhé
Régis Pailhé
Sébastien Parratte shares his impressions about the innovative congress format provided by PCO for the orthopedics community.
"It is crucial for the patient to be mobile right after a knee operation" Sébastien Parratte
Sébastien Parratte
Peter Verdonk shares his vision for the future of orthopedics, emphasizing the importance of enhancing patient care through the precise alignment of suitable procedures with individual patients.
« The new concept on arthrogenic muscle inhibition will change my practice » Peter Verdonk
Peter Verdonk
This session from the PCO Course 2023 contains the following interventions: New technologies and orthopedics surgery, Three-dimensional modeling, Augmented reality in Orthopedics, Total knee replacement, Laser Osteotome
New technologies
Jean Chaoui, Elhadi SARI-ALI, Michael Meneghini, Sébastien Parratte, Riaz Khan
Watch this PCO 2023 session replay!
Advancing TKA personalization through implants, robotic and digital solutions
Jean-Noël Argenson, Sébastien Parratte, Francesco Benazzo, Louis Dagneaux
This session from the PCO Course 2023 contains the following interventions: How to run an efficient high volume practice, kinematic alignment and navigation
Knee arthroplasty: hot topics
Riaz Khan, Borut Pompe

Join K. Kley, A. Espejo-Reina, and S. Parratte as they examine three live patient cases and share their tips and tricks right before your eyes!

Live Clinics - UKA/TKA/Osteotomy
Sébastien Parratte, Alejandro Espejo-Reina, Kristian Kley

The PCO tour 2023 / Virtual fellowship - Join Sébastien Parratte, a respected consultant orthopaedic surgeon in Abu Dhabi, UAE, as he provides insights into his clinic centre and discusses important aspects such as patient referral, waiting lists

The PCO tour / Virtual fellowship: follow Sébastien Parratte
Sébastien Parratte

Michael Meneghini from Indianapolis, USA, highlights the unique interaction among surgeons, faculty, and participants during the PCO Course.

« Same-day discharge after hip & knee replacement is quite common in the US » M. Meneghini
Michael Meneghini